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Land Surveys

If you are buying or selling land, wanting to identify a boundary position or planning to build a new property, a land survey is the best place to start.

We pride ourselves on our accuracy, attention to detail and ability to meet clients' time frames. We only use the most sophisticated surveying equipment suited for the survey in hand and can undertake all types of land surveys from small parcels of land being transferred between neighbours to 100-acre estates.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply the following:

  • HM Land Registry compliant plans for title transfers and splitting of titles
  • Boundary disputes
  • Conveyancing plans
  • Topographical surveys
  • Ordnance Survey mapping
  • Setting out surveys

All of our surveys comply with the specifications and guidelines set out in “Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities” published by the RICS and prepared by the Mapping and Positioning Practice Panel (MAPPP), the RICS Geomatics Professional Group and a specialist Measured Surveys Working Group. We also follow the HM Land Registry practice guide 40, so our plans are accepted the first time, every time!

Boundary Disputes

We are able to create accurate site plans to assist in resolving boundary issues, which show the physical features on the ground and an opinion as to where we consider the legal boundary lies.

Following a site survey, using either conventional or laser measuring equipment, we will produce an accurate CAD site plan in paper and electronic format (PDF) followed by a report outlining our findings from the survey.


  • "Thank you for you well written and very informative report, which was clearly presented with photographs to help demonstrate the defects found."

    Mrs Nicola Fussell

  • "Thank you so much for your detailed report, which has proved extremely helpful - it makes a pleasing change to be dealing with such a professional company."

    Ms Jayne Kirk